July 15, 2024

Chips and Salty Snacks Food Reviews

Chips and salty snacks are some of the most addictive food items in the grocery store. So it stands to reason that I would review as many of the new items as I can. So definitely come check out our reviews of chips, pretzels, pringles, crackers, or whatever we can get our hands on. So check out these chips and salty snacks and stuff that in your piehole!

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Pepper Puffs | Are they the Hottest Ever?

Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn

Chili-Lime and Dill Pickle Pork Rinds | Chicharrones

Lay’s Layers Three Cheese Flavored

Reese’s Popcorn – It’s here! How good is it?

SmartFood Cinnamon Sugar Donut Popcorn | Is it Healthy?

Cool Ranch Doritos Flavored Lay’s Potato Chips

Doritos XXTRA Flamin’ Hot! How Hot Are They?

Cheetos Mexican Street Corn | Collab w/ Snack King Cole

Clancy’s Krinkle Kut Kettle Chips Ribeye Steak & Smoke Bourbon

Pringles Wavy Pineapple Habanero

SunChips New Chili Lime Chips Food Review

Lay’s Extra Extreme Cheddar & Extra Honey Habanero

PopCORNERS White Cheddar

Cheez-It Loaded Cheese Popcorn | How Cheesy Is It?

Blue Diamond Xtremes Almonds | Spicy Nut Challenge

Lays Summer Flavors 2021 Review – All New Flavors

Lay’s Summertime Flavors Preview #Shorts

Private Selection Chicken Tikka Masala Chips

Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Dill Pickle Chips